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Our Team


Founder: Davita Verma

Davita started this initiative in 2018 when she was a freshman at Alpharetta High School. She started this initiative with the purpose of making a difference in the education of underprivileged students. She observed that on the one hand, these young children are struggling to obtain these supplies while other students, like her, have these resources in surplus amounts. She realized that most of these supplies were forgotten about or misplaced; thus, they are wasted. She is creating a balance between the two: by collecting unused and gently used supplies and delivering them to young students. In the end, she doesn't want any kid to be demotivated or lose enthusiasm just because of mere resources. Her motto, " Together we can make a difference one pencil at a time."


Communications Director:Sweya Surapaneni

Communications Director of Pencils for Success! Sweya Surapaneni! Her responsibilities include finding grants, communicating with various organizations and schools in need, and building connections in the community. She is passionate in what she believes in and loves giving back to the community, making her a perfect fit to this team:)


Leader: Kansas Chapter : Sruthi Kode


Social Media Member:Saniya Baig

Meet a member of our social media team, Saniya Baig. She is responsible for working with Pencils for Success chapters, managing their Instagrams, finding and communicating with schools, and creating posts. She is hardworking and determined, which are great qualities that help to successfully sprout PFS!


Grant and Funds Communications: Manya Sharma

Meet a member of our grant writing team, Manya Sharma, and an integral part of pencils for success. In her free time she enjoys spending time with family, playing tennis, and hanging out with my friends. In the future she plans on travelling the world and give back to community.


Chapter Liaison: Priya Sampat

Meet our Texas Chapter Liaison, Priya Sampat. She is responsible for communicating with the Pencils for Success team located in Texas & helps them find grants, reach out to schools, and manage their social media. She is ambitious and committed, making her a great person to help the Texas team establish themselves and succeed!


Social Media Member: Hitanshi Shah

Meet Hitanshi Shah, a member of our social media team! She is responsible for communicating with researchers to collect first and secondhand data to help display the importance of school supplies and study materials of underprivileged students to our community. She is committed and passionate, which makes her a perfect addition to this team!


Communications Director Kansas Chapter: Bani Grover

Bani Grover is Communications Director of Pencils for Success Kansas Chapter! Her responsibilities include reaching out to businesses and donation centers. She is exceptionally passionate about writing and speaking, and her goal is to become a motivational speaker! While reaching her personal goals, she thrives to help others in reaching theirs as well, which is why she has been excited in joining this cause!