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About Us

  • My name is Davita Verma, and I am a sophomore at Alpharetta High School. I have started this initiative with the purpose of making a difference in the education of underprivileged students.
  • Through this initiative, I would like to remove small obstacles that kids come across who are already dealing with more significant challenges like the lack of money. These minor obstacles like the lack of pencils and other essential school supplies hinder their ability to learn.
  • On the one hand, these young children are struggling to obtain these supplies while other students, like me, have these resources in surplus amounts. Honestly speaking most of these supplies are forgotten about or misplaced; thus, they are wasted.
  • I am working to create a balance between the two: by collecting unused and gently used supplies and delivering them to young students. In the end, I don't want any kid to be demotivated or lose enthusiasm just because of mere resources. Together we can make a difference one pencil at a time.

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